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Creating Unforgettable Memories One Intention at a Time

Early childhood memories are undeniably the most important ones. Not only because children are defined by them, but also because such memories can create a lifetime of lessons. The personality traits that stay from those lessons learned can either make or break an individual, depending on the guidance or misguidance each person has during their developmental years.

Growing up we have both good and bad moments that create lasting memories. Love and kindness are paramount during those first years for a child.

My childhood experience was peppered with some good memories, more specifically of playing with other children outdoors. I also remember how my father used to play hide and seek with me. I remember playing with boys. Their games and their toys were more of my interest than my own dolls and tea sets.

My brother and I used to fight a lot. My mother was very patient, kind, and loving. I realize how much we broke her heart by fighting so much (My brother also came to that realization).

The holidays weren't such enjoyable times for us because there were always problems, most likely caused by alcohol consumption. My father used to come home drunk and beat my mother. When my parents separated, my uncle took over to be the one who beat her.

There was always so much chaos; not only during the holidays, but almost everyday.

Fortunately my mother was always protecting us from harm, always giving us her love and attention. One thing she couldn't do was to escape from the madness. This affected my brother's and my growing minds and we became rebellious teenagers. As we approached adulthood with our mother's passing we had to face our fears and make choices. What would our lives had been if we didn't have the love and kindness from our Mom?

Insecurities and fears are the most prevalent life hinders. Childhood memories can stay with us for the rest of our lives. As my brother and I became parents, we made the choice to raise our children in an environment of love and free of alcohol and violence. Seeing both sides of the coin, so to speak; Love with care, and violence with hatred; gave us both perspective. Surely, if we didn't have the love and kindness from our mother our choices would have definitely been very different.

We all have the choice to intentionally pick out which outcomes we want for our lives and others. It comes from the inner wisdom we all have.

My son recently discovered the truth about the tooth fairy by conducting an experiment. He lost a tooth and decided not to tell me or his father. The next day he asked me to please not give him anything while he showed his fallen tooth. He wanted to verify if the tooth fairy was real. When he woke up and saw his tooth at the same place he had left it, he said," Now I know that you and my daddy are the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa Clause." Since my husband had gone to work already I was faced with my fear of crushing my little boy's dreams all by myself, but thankfully I had always told the truth to Philip regarding these characters because I didn't grow up believing on any of those tales. My son took the news very well and we started talking about all the things his dad and I did to keep his childhood dreams alive. I asked him if he was disappointed, he smiled with a thankful gaze, and said "Thankfully I discovered the truth all by myself, by conducting my tooth fairy experiment."

"Did we do a good job?" I asked. He said, "Yes, Mommy. You guys did a great job, thank you for letting me figure it out on my own."

I am very happy to know that my son has had the most magical childhood, filled with love and positive experiences. My hope for his life is that he grows up to be a kind and responsible adult who loves his childhood memories and that he is free of fears and insecurities, so he can develop his God given gifts and share them with the world.

Choosing to embrace the good memories and try to forget the bad ones can help us give to others in our lives a positive outlook no matter the circumstances.

Working toward Intentionally creating unforgettable memories, can enrich us and help us design a life worth living!

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