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Exploring Minimalism

Minimalism is defined in the dictionary as a style or technique that is applied to: Design, art, music and even literature that is characterized by extreme simplicity. A small number of very simple things that are used to create a particular design effect.

To some people, including me, it means a space devoid of clutter. My view on this movement or trend or style, whatever you want to call it, completely changed when I watched Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things, on Netflix, created by The Minimalists from the blog

The perspective from The Minimalists on their documentary is mind blowing because they don't only talk about material things. They go beyond the physical realm to a deeper reality of humanity. They explain how consumerism destroys the environment and takes a toll on people's finances, health and relationships. These are only a few examples. The film examines how minimalism can be a tool to live a more meaningful life with less stuff, less stress, and more time. The message they convey is very well rounded into all or most aspects of life.

I didn't realized that I was practicing minimalism in some ways until I saw the documentary last year.

When we sold our house to downsize to an apartment, we donated, sold, recycled and got rid of at least 70% of our belongings. This was a logical thing to do, but the fact that I actually continued to let go of things and stopped buying décor pieces and even clothes, like I used to do, really made me conclude that I have been exploring a more minimalist lifestyle. Now there are less things to deal with, less space to maintain and less time dedicated to cleaning and organizing. This new way of living had led me to do more of what I love. I have made more paintings, I have been reading more and I even started to write(or try to).We have been enjoying quality time as a family and have more peace of mind.

I don't consider myself a minimalist. I couldn't live in a space without accessories because of my love for decorating, but I had notice that just by making a few changes, the benefits of minimalism or downsizing are very rewarding.

This is just my experience in dipping my toes on this minimalist movement, I started to take this route because I was feeling literally drowned by a surplus of stuff and when the opportunity arose, I just couldn't help but consciously examining what is truly important to me and I found out that time really is our most precious resource to achieve a better life design.

I hope you can watch the Documentary. If you saw it already, what are your thoughts about i? Did it resonate with you?

Leave your thoughts in the comments section, I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for stopping by!

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