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How to Be Prepared for Life's opportunities

We all have the gift of life, we all have the same amount of time every day, and we all have natural resources. We also have free will to make choices and decisions.

Preparation is key when facing new situations, circumstances, or when opportunities arrive.

Recently, I applied for a job with the New York Department of Education, I had been preparing for this particular opportunity for 5 years. I took and passed tests, I went to 4 different 8 hour workshops, I got my fingerprints and background check done. I spoke to people at my son's school and got everything ready to prepare for my new teacher assistant job. I missed one detail, and that was that I still needed to talk to my past employers to get work references, even though this took only one extra day after I was nominated.

When I filled up the online application and submitted my resume, it was too late, because the person who nominated me(from another school, not my son's school) decided to cancel my nomination on that extra day ( there are 20 days to fill up the application, I filled it up 3 days after the nomination), I took to contact my ex-boss.

Even though I had been preparing for a long time, the opportunity came and left in a flash. This propelled me to continue preparing myself, for when that opportunity comes back, or for any other opportunity that comes my way.

This is how to be prepared:1. Going to bed early and creating a night routine that is conducive to restful, deep sleep. I personally take time to pray before I fall asleep. 2.waking up early or at least 1 hour before your family wakes up or if you live by yourself, 1 hour before having to leave your home for work or your place of study so you can take care of your personal growth ; by this I mean to pray or meditate to start your day with a peaceful state of mind, drink water ,read while you have your coffee or tea, exercise , write in your journal, plan your day, reflect, or simply enjoy the peaceful morning by yourself, before giving your attention to anybody else, and to your work and responsibilities. 3.listen to positive messages during your commute to work or study. After I drop off my son at the bus stop, I do errands and when I come back home, I listen to educational podcasts, audiobooks, or to positive messages while I do daily cleaning tasks at home. 4.Get a supportive tribe; surround yourself with like- minded, positive people that are also on a personal growth path. 5. Take time to unwind and recharge, even if it is for 30 minutes to do whatever you like; watch TV, read a novel or magazine, have a piece of chocolate, play a video game, get a relaxing massage, get your nails done, go for a walk or a run if that is what you like. By rewarding yourself after a day of hard work, your brain and body will be recharged and ready for the next day to keep going, to keep preparing for all the possibilities that life give us every day, and to be ready when opportunities arrive.

By being prepared for life's challenges and opportunities, we design the kind of life we want to live. A life worth living!

Thanks for stopping by!

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