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How To Create A Happier Life

When life throws curve balls at us, we either dodge them, run from them, or confront them. But there is something that stands between us and stops us from really enjoying our lives. It is our self-assurance, our belief that we can handle everything, and our selfishness.

Great accomplishments get diminished if their pursuers act with arrogance, it immediately degrades all the effort and greatness put on such wonderful creations.

The most important skill one can cultivate is detachment because it makes us focus on reality, not on the illusion that what we've created is perfect. Self-absorption makes us blind and deliberately destroys our ability to learn more.

Knowledge is a powerful weapon against self-absorption because it enables our ability to open our minds to new and unusual things that can enrich our lives and the lives of others, therefore the pursuit of it, is where we should focus on, to have a lifestyle worth living.

Self-sufficiency can sometimes be detrimental because if we think we have it all figured out, and that we know more than we actually do, the ego takes us over, and ruins us.

Ryan Holiday writes about this in his book, Ego is the Enemy, where he talks about masters, who are already experts in their fields; continue to learn, and aren't full of themselves, that's exactly what makes them the greatest.

The joy of learning with a humble attitude is what creates a perfect environment in our minds and hearts to fully enjoy what we already have, without thinking of the outcome, but truly enjoying the process of doing and learning/ learning and doing.

To fully grasp everything life has to offer, learning is the most practical tool, which will make us accept with humbleness that we all have to keep learning to keep growing, and therefore, creating the life we all want, a lifestyle worth living.

What are your favorite subjects to learn about?

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