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How To Feel Constant Joy

I recently discovered that negative thoughts like; "I wish I had listened to my mother's advice when I was younger," or "How come I chose to study journalism, instead of interior design?" or " What can I do to change my life?" are a waste of time. All those thoughts are based on the past, and if I think something like; "What would the future bring? "I feel a little anxious. The only thing that all these mind tricks bring me, are feelings of dread, or disappointment, or guilt etc...In the end those feelings suck the energy out of my body, but also charge me with anxiety, when I worry about the future.

Letting those awful feelings govern my entire being, were absolutely destroying me. I had more than enough stagnation and depression, and I am determined to completely change my previous thought process, to start a new way of life.

Well, lately I have been thinking a lot about the future I really want, and the things I want to accomplish. An immediate feeling of joy and excitement has taken over, and my body is fueled with energy to start moving toward the direction I want to go. Another way I have being feeling extremely contented, is to focus all my mental energy in all the beautiful blessings I already have.

The intentional positive direction I am giving to my thoughts, by refusing to think about the past, getting excited about the future I want to create for myself and my family, and to be grateful for my present blessings, is an strategy that is truly working out for me.

I cherish this constant joy! I absolutely want this feeling. I am energized and eager to continue with my plan to execute the vision I have for my life, and to constantly look at the amazing gifts I am blessed with.

The energy in our body is essentially produced by our thoughts. Let's at least focus on the blessings we presently have, so our bodies will be flooded with energy to pursue the dreams we have for our future, and live a life worth living!

Please share your thoughts about this topic.

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