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How To See Opportunities in Painful Situations

What I am about to tell you might seem like a science fiction story or even an out-of-this-world event, but I ask you to please open your mind because my idea of sharing this is to change somebody's life, even just one person's life for the better.

As we all know, life is a rollercoaster where sometimes we are struck by excruciating circumstances, and other times, life is a pleasure with beautiful, exciting days, when we don't have a care in the world, just happiness!

Well, my life had certainly gone from a nice high to a terrible low, from one day to the next.

I used to be able to eat anything and everything I liked. I enjoyed myself during the holidays, I did especially during the past holidays in 2021, and I am very grateful for it because a few days after new years day, I started to get headaches, then the headaches became extreme along with nausea and vomit. My doctor thought it was a virus.

I had an appointment with the neurologist on January 28th, when he sent me to the hospital.

After 9 hours of being at the NYU E.R., I was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease called CADASIL, which affects the deep tissue of the brain causing micro strokes, dementia, M.S., and other disorders. This explains why my mother died at 53 years old, and my grandmother at 49.

The neurologists at NYU were mesmerized to see that I am able to walk, talk, think, speak, even though I was having mini-strokes.

That was the first miracle from God, and I am extremely thankful to him!

I was told that this disease doesn't have a cure or treatment, apart from taking an aspirin every day to prevent strokes. Although It was very hard to cope with the news during the first week, besides the constant pain, vomit, and nausea; I started to remember all the blessings that I already have, all the miracles our heavenly father had already done in my life, and in general.

I started to praise God, to thank him for his wonderful power, love, kindness, and mercy; my symptoms immediately started to disappear. I could eat without feeling nausea, therefore without vomiting, and the terrible headache became almost non-existent. Nowadays I feel a few headaches that last only a few seconds and are tolerable. This is the second miracle!

During my prayer time, I got the insight of researching about wellbeing and I found out about Intermittent Fasting. Since I had gone through the mini-strokes attack a few weeks before and I could barely eat, it was the perfect time to start doing it.

It has been 2 weeks since I started to adopt this new lifestyle, and I am feeling stronger, healthier, and I have mental clarity. I even started to lose weight ( I indulged myself during the holidays, therefore I packed a good amount of pounds). I am also being very careful with what I eat, by having only whole, fresh and organic foods, which is giving me the opportunity to deeply restore my whole body. This is the third miracle!

The week of Valentine's day, I started to work at a public school as a substitute paraprofessional, in New York. Patients with Cadasil are supposed to avoid high-stress environments and situations as much as possible to avoid strokes, but guess what I did; I prayed to God to give me peace, and strength to be able to work without hurting myself.

I received the phone call to start working during the time I was sick, and as an act of faith, I said yes because I felt deep in my heart that God would come through as he always does. Not only did he heal me, but the school I started to work in is a wonderful place, and was much less stressful than expected. This is the 4th miracle! I have been waiting for this job for a long time, and I had prayed to get into that specific school, and again, God listened to my prayers.

The birth of my son almost 13 years ago was one of the amazing miracles I had witnessed firsthand, God had made. My husband was diagnosed impotent, but through a lot of faith and prayer, our boy was born without any medical treatments.

These miracles I am currently experiencing are amazing opportunities, even though I had gone through a lot of pain and uncertainty, I am extremely happy to know that no matter what, we all have access to the infinite and loving power of our creator.

We all go through painful circumstances and situations, but the outcome depends on how we react to them. Having faith, and being grateful for our current blessings is the key to having victory over our problems, no matter what kind.

Seeing the possibilities beyond the difficulties will always lead us to create the lifestyle we want, a lifestyle worth living.

Thank you for stopping by!

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