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How To Stop Racism

With so much unrest, violence and injustice going on in our country, we can all agree that the consequences of our actions can be devastating if we don't stop to think before we react.

Our responsibility as human beings is to serve each other. The only way we can help and serve each other is to see that we are not separate entities. We are one, we are part of the same conscience.

We are not to be separated by labels in terms of race, nationality, religion, or sexual orientation.

To identify as a victim, is to give away your power to make your own decisions. To take advantage of others, is to give away our own conscience, because ultimately, the one hurting somebody else, is hurting his/her own conscience.

The narrative of Black Lives Matter, has to be translated to Humanity Matters, because we are all fellow humans. Let's stop and think about all the division that is being created in our country by putting labels in our human identity.

Let's support each other by not giving power to those who want to create chaos through their violence, their looting, their uncivilized behaviors, and instead of letting them get away with destroying statues, which serve as reminders of history; let's all be a part of a better history. The way to know what is to be part of a better history, is to preserve history itself, so we can learn from it, therefore we can avoid repeating mistakes, and we can also acknowledge those who gave their lives fighting for causes that helped transform our country into a democratic and free one.

By knowing our history we will stop reacting and jumping into the collective hysteria.We as human beings are first and foremost rational beings and as above mentioned our responsibility is to serve each other.

To create a better history and a better world for our children and our future generations, we need to focus on the unity between our collective conscience. In order to create that unity,we must help those in distress, with love and understanding, to guide them toward the courage of acting peacefully, that way they will stop acting with violence and creating the chaos that is being propagated through their distress.

To stop racism, we must acknowledge our humanity as our only way to identify each other, and consequently to start loving, supporting and helping each other, so we can all create a life worth living!

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