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How to Stop Underestimating Our Own Potential

When we have the impulse, or idea to either write, draw, design a room, or simply to cook a meal that is original, and by original I mean, something that is weird...We usually let our inner critic take over and bludgeon our ideas.

We let those ideas disappear, or we ignore them, because the inner critic says " Nobody cares about your stupid drawing, you are just going to waste paper, because you are going to hate it, and toss it out." So we don't make the drawing, or if we attempt to do it and it doesn't come out right on the first ever try, we get discouraged and don't do it again.

Our impression that only born geniuses can create, stops us in our tracks, and so our yearnings to contribute get stepped in, and crushed like tinny and insignificant bugs.

So what do we do with the feelings of restlessness, of incompleteness, and the thought that there is something else out there, something we can't reach?

Do we let anxiety control us? Or do we ignore that ugly voice inside our heads, and instead we express what we feel, through any medium that we are compelled to utilize, so we can reach our potential?

These choices are what make a difference between geniuses and the rest of us. Geniuses didn't listen to their inner critics, they did what was necessary to create or do what they truly wanted. They practiced their craft, they worked in their techniques, they knew they weren't perfect, but tried to get better and better everyday, by being open to learn, and working, for many, many hours, days and years.

They made a lot of mistakes, they got rejected more times than anybody else could endure, but they didn't give up. They paid attention to their inspired thoughts.

By making the right choices, not the easy ones, we can try to imitate or at least, follow through the steps taken by the best of the best.

We can try as many times as it is necessary to make that meal with weird ingredients and fail at first, but after a few or a lot of attempts, we can find the perfect combination of ingredients, and create the most succulent dinner...Perhaps with that inspiration, more delicious recipes will come out, or we can try to practice playing the guitar for hours and hours, and go through the pain in our fingers, and the horrible sounds that come out of the instrument, until the chords are mastered and then, sweet melodies will simply flow.

So the only way to stop underestimating our own potential is to ignore the negative, ugly chatter in our minds, and follow our instincts of creativity and contribution.

When we create something with love, we somehow contribute to our world, even if it is in our homes, by decorating them and making them pretty for ourselves, if we live alone, or for our loved ones to enjoy that beautiful place that we created.

The point is to take action, always take action, and never ignore our dreams, even if they seem weird, because that is what the world needs, originality and individuals who strive to reach their potential. Let's go after whatever it is that makes us happy, to create the lives we all want. A life worth living!

Thanks for stopping by!

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