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The Infrared Mind

Light wavelengths such as infrared and ultraviolet, are supposed to be invisible, although an international group of scientists discovered in 2014 that under certain conditions, its possible for humans to see infrared light.

When laser light pulses rapidly, light sensing cells in the retina sometimes get a double hit of infrared energy, therefore the the eye is able to detect light that falls outside the visible spectrum(source Sci News).

Blaise Pascal once said "All of men's problems stem from the fact that they can not sit still in a room alone, and think."

We get easily and constantly distracted either with our surroundings, our smart phones, computers ,I pads or TV sets.

The ability to focus, or what for the purpose of this article I call the infrared mind, is the most important skill we can acquire, because the capacity of doing our work, or creating content that makes a difference, or even being a good listener, is directly associated with having an infrared mind or a laser focused ability to learn and to produce.

When we are constantly letting distractions interrupt our minds, it's impossible for us to see beyond what is in front of us, and therefore get important insights, that could lead us to life changing moments, or to simply solve problems.

Sometimes the solutions are right inside us, and that is where the infrared mind comes to play. Insights come from within, and being quiet, present and ready to listen to our inner voice is the remedy to at least 99 percent of our problems. Meditation, or simply taking a few deep breaths while sitting still and quiet, will give us answers to our little or big life problems.

Author Laura Vanderkam says that" To become present, even thought the nature of the human brain is to get distracted, we need to challenge ourselves to describe the colors, sights, smells, feelings, or to think about what to write about the present moment."

By consciously putting our brains back into the situation can help us be present." This notion of being present is what can really help us to acquire an infrared mind."

I am guilty as charged of getting distracted all the time, but I am determined to transform from being absentminded to getting an infrared mind.

Let's become infrared minded, so we can design the lives we truly want to live. A life worth living!

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