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The Joy of Simplicity

Nothing speaks louder than the simple acts of love that come to you without expecting anything at all.

A simple, but heartfelt I love you, fills up my well better than an expected object for Christmas or a birthday.

The joy of a clear and clean space, free of layers of stuff randomly placed, makes way for a mind that can truly focus. A creative mind is free and peaceful.

The amazing gift of time, our most precious and limited resource, is what really counts when the mood to do something we want , whenever we want to, or in the current situation our world is going through, almost everyone is forced to stay home, work from home and simply be with on our own. The time that we finally have, but that is still ticking; running faster than ever- when the weekdays merge with the weekends, and when we all know that threat (coronavirus) is looming over all of us, is when we need to appreciate what we have the most. Life, health, time, family, love... The possibility of taking walks, breathing fresh air, and still being able to have clean water, delicious food, electricity, technology to be able to learn and to still stay connected, even though we cannot have social gatherings at this time of global crisis.

The time has come to truly appreciate everything we all have, and to stop taking life for granted.

At this moment in history, our planet is taking a breather from all the toxins produced by many industries. The economy is being hurt, but our home, Earth is being cleansed and renewed as we stop our crazy race to mass produce and mass consumerism.

Going back to basis, to be grateful for our natural resources, and for the simple joys of life, like going for a walk and being with family, or even with ourselves without having to rush, is the most important lesson of appreciation we all needed. Some of us have learned the lesson. Unfortunately most people had been directly affected by the virus, and for them it was too late. But we are all praying for them and their families, and we are all vulnerable, we always were, we always will be.

Vulnerability is the constant state of humanity and mother nature. Consciousness will be the new state we all need to embrace, to be able to overcome this obstacle and all the obstacles to come.

Embracing the simple things in life, recognizing what is truly important, letting go of materialism, being kind to each other and to our planet; is the new normal that we all need to continue, not only surviving, but thriving in this beautiful world that our creator gave us.

Let's embrace the joy of simplicity to continue creating the lives we all want to live. A life worth living!

Thanks for stopping by!

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