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The Power of Gratitude and How to Unlock It.

Like a raging fire grows with the wind, blessings grow through gratitude, and such blessings grow like flowers blooming on a bare field during spring time.

When we face difficult situations, our first instinct as humans, is to react through our negativity bias, or self preservation, which in turn make us either retreat in our own mental world and also into our feelings. These emotions can lead us to either attack people around us, or simply not to engage with anybody, even if they are a few feet of proximity from us.

It is important to support our fellow citizens, who are being attacked by the abuse of power that has been displayed by some police officers. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest -emphasis in the word peacefully- although, the acts of violence have ceased,(hopefully stays that way) the fact that people took advantage of the situation to hurt other fellow humans, or to rob businesses, to burn cars, and to destroy store fronts and private homes, is simply unacceptable by any stretch of the imagination.

The emotions have overpowered those individuals, and in turn their actions have proven that rage and apathy are in command, instead of love and gratitude.

Love and gratitude are valid emotions, because they are a choice. The key is to choose how we feel.

The right choice of emotions can benefit us and everybody around us. Peace can only be made if we are grateful, even during the toughest situations, like the one we are currently living. Why should I be grateful when there is a pandemic, and after a fellow human (among other fellow humans before him),was cruelly murdered by police officers, whose job is to protect and serve? You might ask.

My answer is very simple. Gratitude is the capacity to see the world around us with compassion, with love, and ultimately, is the act to make the right decisions for ourselves and in turn for all humanity.

The power of gratitude surpasses hatred, which is the lowest of emotions. With gratitude we are able to forgive and to love one another. Without hatred and with plenty of love and forgiveness, we can all be united as one, in our only home, planet earth.

To unlock the power of gratitude, let's focus on the positive, because even in the darkest moments, there is always a light. The light is inward, not outside of us. Let's shine our light into this darkness we are living in. Let's be grateful for being alive and to have one another to peacefully reach justice, kindness, love, and to support each other, not destroy each other.

The power of gratitude is our superpower to save our country, our planet and to save mankind.

My wish to everyone in the world, is to be safe, be grateful, be kind and be loved. My hope is that we all can live the lives we all want to live. A life worth living!

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