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The Truth About Change

When we are used to a certain lifestyle, or routines, beliefs, and even ways of performing tasks; we become robots that have to be reprogrammed to be able to embrace change when it arrives. There isn't anything in life that stays the same. Change is unavoidable and the fact that it is constant in life is exactly what makes it so exhilarating.

Every day comes with new challenges. The only way we can go through them is to keep our priorities and perspective in check.

Preparation is key to be able to face life-changing challenges. The seasons bring different colors, temperatures, and even new fruits and vegetables, therefore we need to be prepared for them, by buying new clothes, or taking new pieces of clothing out of storage. In the same way, we have to be prepared mentally and physically to accept and embrace the overwhelming and small changes that life brings to us.

For example, if we have children, we get used to them being with us all the time or most of the time. When we have to go back to work or the kids have to start going to school, we might get depressed because we start to miss them.

We could also feel that we had taken for granted that precious, but fleeting time we had with them, that they grew up so fast, and that because of exhaustion or because they drove us crazy with their crying, screaming, jumping on the sofa, or from cleaning up the myriad of toys and foods all over the floor; we weren't fully present.

Being completely present in the now is the strategy to truly live, and to experience life to the fullest .

When we are able to be fully present we won't have any regrets and therefore, we will be able to embrace change and accept it, no matter what it is.

The truth about change is that it can be uncomfortable sometimes and that we need to always be prepared for the good and even the bad changes.

Celebrating the present moment is the best way to be ready for change, and to design the life we want to live. A life worth living!

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