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The Vision

Vision boards are a tool to help us see beyond of what is in front of our eyes. People that had used them say that having a vision board has helped them to fulfill their dreams and goals. They state that seeing a glimpse into what they want for their future makes them set a plan and follow specific steps to reach what they want.

Lately, I have being watching the Terri Savelle Foy podcast on YouTube. She is a motivational speaker who calls herself "The Cheerleader of Dreams". Terri makes references to bible verses by reading an applying them to actual life situations. This marvelous lady loves to teach about vision boards, and she gives clear examples of famous personalities that have used these tools to become successful. She also tells her own story and how she overcame many, many obstacles and fears throughout her life.

Listening to her has given me a lot of inspiration and motivation to continue designing my life. I am striving to make better choices, even though I am terrified( to expose my thoughts trough this blog). I am starting to embrace failure because at the end, I will end up with new knowledge and experience. I haven't made my vision board yet, but I am really tempted to make one.

I really like Terri Savelle Foy's approach on teaching how to visualize a better future and acting as if it has already happened in the present moment.

If you are interested in getting some encouragement, I certainly recommend to subscribe, or at least click on her YouTube channel. It's a chock full of information and resources to help us live our dreams.

Do you have a vision board? if so, what is your experience utilizing this tool?

Thank you for stopping by!

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