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An Interesting Discovery About Human Nature

Light is a source of energy, energy is a source of life. To be devoid of energy is comparable to being lifeless because to exist without doing something to move forward, or without taking action, is like living in a state of inertia. This is defined in the dictionary as: The resistance of any physical object ,to any change in its velocity. This includes changes to the objects speed, or direction of motion.

This definition can also apply to human beings. When we don't take action to grow spiritually and/or intellectually, we become stuck, and our inner energy becomes stagnant.

Science is starting to confirm our real nature. The biophysicist Frintz-Albert Popp affirms that" The cells of human beings, animals and plants emanate light under the form of biophotons(light that flows from biological material such as human bodies or any life form)We as humans are light, we emanate energy vibrating to a determined frequency. Our thoughts, emotions and consequently our own reality come from light, therefore the reality that we perceive, moves from a range of vibration and whatever is out of that range is imperceptible for us. We can choose through our own perception of our reality to keep our frequency high, instead of letting life's circumstances drag us around unconsciously.

If we feel sad or anxious, we can force ourselves to smile and take deep breaths. This will create a reaction in our bodies to feel happier and calmer even in the worst times. Being present in the moment is a way to raise our frequency, to feel our emotions, but not letting them govern us, by simply allowing ourselves to feel more than letting our thoughts label or judge, we can create a healthy energy feel. The energy or vibration that we transmit affects our surroundings and people in our proximity; that's the reason why we get into circumstances that are comparable with our level of vibration.

We are responsible of creating our circumstances or reality. We are all connected as human beings, we are all part of the same structure, and when one of the parts have a problem, it affects the whole structure or system.

Have you ever been at a lively and fun party and suddenly, a drunken man disrupts everything by yelling, throwing bottles and chairs trough the room and starting a fight with another guy for no reason? if you have, you might have felt the energy and vibration of the whole room turning gloomy, sad, aggressive and disappointing, even though the outburst unfolded for a few minutes. If we choose wisely to keep our energy level high trough watching our thoughts, emotions and actions, and most importantly by taking care of our well being, we could actually change our reality during circumstances like the one I just described.

When we don't sleep enough our energy level is depleted. When we are malnourished our brain is foggy. When we don't exercise our bodies ache. By employing simple self-care practices and creating routines of self-love, our energy levels completely rise.

Love and gratefulness are powerful ways of raising our vibrations, taking walks in nature have healing effects in our mind and body.

Being conscious of our thoughts and emotions is the key to avoid low energy levels and subsequently to avoid getting stuck.

Growth, spiritual or intellectual is a sign that we are truly living and giving the best vibrations to the world, and also becoming better human beings, so we can design a live worth living.

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