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New Experiences

The first day of Spring break my son and I went fishing with my best friend and her son, to the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery And Aquarium. It was the first time for the three of them. I had gone twice many years ago when I lived in Florida. I remember my first catch: The pull on the fishing rod, and the hook on the poor fish's eye; I felt really bad when I saw the flat shaped, silver colored, medium sized fish bleeding from its eye.. I was with experienced fishermen(a group of friends who new what they were doing). Fortunately they helped me with the bate and unhooking parts!

My son's reaction was absolute excitement, since his best friend from school had shared his awesome first fishing experience, including the cutting, washing and cooking part of it, so Philip couldn't wait to catch his own fish then go home and follow the necessary steps to be able to eat it. He caught 3 fish. His first one was a trout, the second one was a female trout that was laying eggs. The eggs were literally falling out of it. The third one was a rainbow trout. His friend was a little bit in shock when he caught his first one because of the weight on the fishing rod and with how fast the fish was moving as it was getting out of air. My friend took over and got the fishing rod, reeled it out and put the fish on the bucket. She couldn't believe what she was doing since she is a vegetarian.

The second catch for Adu, was easier and more enjoyable than the first.

I didn't catch any fish that day on purpose because after the first fish I caught, the second time I went fishing, in Florida, I got a puffer fish...yes, a puffer, which was making a horrible sound while hooked onto the fishing line and of course it was puffing out and sticking it's scary looking sharp teeth. My fishing expert friend from Florida, was able to put it back in the water without getting poisoned from the fish's natural toxin. I was afraid to catch fish ever since.

While my son and his friend tried to actively catch some fish, I obviously was playing with the fishing rod and every time I saw a fish trying to get the bait, I pulled the line up. Meanwhile, my friend was taking pictures and videos(remember, she is a vegetarian.) I found it very relaxing, since we were in a beautiful place, the weather was spectacular and we were surrounded by trees, flowers, water, and birds; the perfect combination to relax. We didn't want to carry a bucket full of water and dead fish, so my friend asked a family if they wanted the fish we had and they were delighted to accept. Philip wanted to eat fresh fish, caught by him, but he realized we would had to leave right away and he really wanted to play with his friend. We found a pair of chickens roaming around the property when we finished fishing. Philip and Adu were fascinated by them and the chickens were very friendly as well. The boys even gave them names. Philip named the larger one Jose, and Adu named the smaller one Gerald.

Seeing how happy my son was along with his friend, enjoying the experience, without judging and being present, gave me a new perspective. My first experience fishing wasn't the best one, but to go fishing with my son and friends, was like a first fishing experience all over again.

Living the present moment and creating new memories with the people we care about, regardless of our past experiences, gives us empowerment to enjoy life's precious moments and to design the lives we really want. A life worth living!

Thanks for stopping by!

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