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The Fight Against Fear of Failure

Aristotle once said, "To avoid criticism, say nothing, do nothing, be nothing." I got slapped on the face when I read this quote. It immediately fired me up to take action.

Fear is a noun and a verb, it is an unpleasant emotion and it is to be afraid of someone or something. Our ancestors relied on fear to survive. When there was a wild beast attacking them, they had to use fear as a protection shield so they ran away or hid. Fear is now an irrational belief that keeps the majority of humanity running away from a better life.

The biggest fear we humans are facing is fear of failure. People are trapped either by their jobs, by other people, or by their own lack of self esteem. Personally, I had been avoiding to do what I really want and love, out of sheer fear of rejection and failure. Feeling trapped by the prospect of having to accept society's terms. Having to do jobs we aren't really into, having to study careers that don't really fulfill us, or letting other people tell us what we should do or not do, is a self destructive cycle, and at least in my case, it has to end now.(My hope is that it ends for everyone).

The only way to fight this paralyzing feeling or state of being is with faith, knowing that we aren't alone, that God, or the universe or your own inner source of power, or whatever you believe in, It is here right now to help us fight against the fear of being exposed, criticized or rejected. Come on, bring it on! Let's get ready to fight and take the necessary risks we need to make to go ahead and design the life we want. A life worth living!

I have witnessed with my own eyes entire lives being destroyed. For example, my mother followed society's rules and didn't live life on her own terms, like my father, or many other people who simply left their lives pass by without doing what they really loved. Seeing that pain in their eyes... It really breaks my heart, but also propels me to continue to fight and no matter the outcome, I want to feel the satisfaction of doing a little something I like every day and at least gain some knowledge and experience from taking action.

Thank you for stopping by!

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