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The Positivity Loop

The only thing that is certain in life, is death. Uncertainty is a constant of life. Changes happen every day of our lives, even if we don't notice them. Our cells are in constant flux, the environment around us is a continually changing organism. Evolution itself has to go backward, sometimes in order to transform.

Our thoughts or mindset, are what produce our own reality. Even in the toughest circumstances, we can control what we think, therefore we are in control of our feelings and emotions.

Our emotions become part of our body chemistry; if we are nervous or anxious we cannot sleep well. When we are not able to sleep, our brain is affected by not functioning properly and we can't think clearly, making us sluggish and unmotivated. The sluggishness causes us to make mistakes, and these mistakes, in turn, make us feel unworthy. When we don't feel good about ourselves, we don't take good care of our health, and that is when everything comes down crashing and crushing us.

The only way to be protected always is to control our thoughts. Our mindset is everything we need, to take charge of our lives.

By being mindful of our thoughts and actions, our physiology responds by creating more antibodies to protect us against sickness. If we are positive, we are healthy and productive, which creates internal happiness. Happiness can be constantly obtained in our subconscious by simply controlling our minds and emotions.

Let's build this positivity loop by changing our perspective and letting go of what we cannot control, and accepting things for what they are. The positivity loop is our shield against negativity, even if the circumstances around us are less than desirable, we can create our own happy world and bring that joy and positive energy to those around us in order to complete the positivity loop, and create a life worth living!

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