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What Children Teach Us

When we are going through a tough situation, sometimes we can feel like there is no hope. Depression can come looming our way or we simply are unmotivated to have a productive day or to continue to live so to speak.

When toddlers start to walk, they stumble and fall multiple times, more than anyone can bare; even though sometimes they get hurt and cry, they continue getting up and trying. They don't just sit on the floor afraid of falling again. They get up and keep going until they finally learn to walk and then they take of running .This is the first lesson children can teach us.

Another valuable lesson we can learn from kids, is being open to new experiences, being curious and fearless like kids do, are the second and in my opinion, the most valuable lessons we can take into consideration.

My son started to take piano classes 2 and a half years ago. His determination to learn, his capacity to push trough fear when he has recitals and his amazing courage to take on new challenges, truly amazes me: He played the keyboard with the church's band in March, even though he had never done it before, and there was time for only one rehearsal to prepare, but he did it anyway. He practiced a lot and was able to perform in front of a big crowd.

Last Sunday there was a birthday party for my mother-in-law and he volunteered to perform a set of 6 songs, including Happy Birthday, for his grandmother. Next week on Friday is the moving up ceremony for the kindergarten grades at his school and he decided to perform for them and their parents.

My son, who just turned 10 years old, had set a huge example for me. He always tells me that he gets nervous anytime he performs for a group of people, small or big, but he still pushes himself and does it anyway.

Philip is the one who inspired me to start writing (along with my friend Surbhie),because as much as I am learning from him, as an adult and more importantly, as his mother, I want to give him a good example, by showing him that is good to keep that childlike curiosity, to never stop learning, and doing what his heart tells him to do (work hard to follow our dreams).

Their capacity to give love and joy is unmistakably the biggest lesson we as adults can learn from children. When I have a bad day, my son can pull me out of that sad state by simply saying" I love you mommy" and giving me a heart- felt hug. The words alone do the trick, but the pure love that emanates from his heart is what changes everything from bad to wonderful in an instant.

The joy they have when they play with the leaves falling from the trees, or just by running and pretending to be in a magical place, are another way they teach us to change our perspective.

Imagination is another one of those childlike traits we lose as we get older, but is at our disposal at all times if we decide to use it.

Children can easily get themselves out of a state of boredom for example, by daydreaming and creating a beautiful or fun reality.

By observing those children's behaviors and traits that we could rescue in our adult years and also even adopt them in our daily routines,we can definitely make an immense difference in the way we see things, so by changing our perspective we can design the lives we want to live.A life worth living!

Thanks for stopping by!

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